AC2005 Applied Cybernetics
City University 4th Chapter Conference on
Applied Cybernetics 2005
September 7-8, 2005
Birley Lecture Theatre
City University
London, United Kingdom
Aims and objectives
This international conference aimed to establish conceptual relationship between various sub-fields of Cybernetics to provide an interdisciplinary forum for the experimental, theoretical and application-oriented aspects of cybernetics..

Theme and scope
The theme of the conference was Applied Cybernetics. The program committee solicited high quality papers containing original contributions in all areas of experimental, theoretical and application-oriented aspects of cybernetics and industry applications, including, but not limited to: Robotic Systems; System Modelling and Control; Adaptive Control Systems; Intelligent Systems (e.g. for communications, control, instrumentation, etc.); Image Processing; Pattern Recognition; Safety Reliability and Quality Assurance; Decision Support Systems; Manufacturing Systems; Data Mining; Large Scale Systems; Human Machine Systems; Soft Computing; Fuzzy Logic Systems; Neural Systems; Computational Intelligence; Knowledge Based Systems; Agent-based Systems; Swarm Engineering; Emerging and Evolutionary Methods; Biological Cybernetics.

Papers and Posters
List of those on Day 1
List of those on Day 2
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