AC2005 Papers on Day1
City University 4th Chapter Conference on
Applied Cybernetics 2005
September 7-8, 2005
Birley Lecture Theatre
City University
London, United Kingdom
Opening Session - Prof Ali Hessami, Chair UK-RI SMC Chapter
Session A1: Chair - John Baruch, University of Bradford
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1 A Survey of Spiking Neural Networks (SNNs) – (models, implementations, and design flows) Arfan Ghani, T.M Mc Ginnity, and Liam P. Maguire 3
5 Automatic Creation of Functional Sub-Networks Using Genetic Algorithms LB Galway and NH Siddique 22
6 Associative Language Processing in Cortical Areas Heiner Markert, Andreas Knoblauch and Gunther Palm 28
37 Cybernetic Safety and Security, A New Paradigm A.G.Hessami 188
Session A2: Chair - Brian Duffy, Eurecom, France
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3 The TRUST Project: Immersive Play for Children in Hospitals and Rehabilitation Brian R. Duffy, Lizbeth Goodman, Marc Price, Scott Eaton, Jana Riedel, Jeremi Sudol, Gregory O’Hare 12
19 Controller Prediction using Artificial Neural Networks Y. Xue, Y. Qin, and N. Syred 100
20 Rough Set in an Information System with Fuzzy Weights Hugang Han 105
27 Pattern Formation and Organisation in Robot Swarms W.F.W.Othman, S.P.McKibbin, F.Caparrelli, J.R.Travis and B.P.Amavasai 135
Poster Session P1: Chair - M. Oussalah, University of Birmingham
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4 Memory Pattern Analysis in Time-critical Decision Modelling of Financial Markets K. Fatima and TF Lunney 16
14 Towards Intelligent Handling of Cache in Mobile Devices M. Oussalah, and J. Liu 76
23 Adaptive Visual Attention Based Ob ject Recognition Rebecca Fay, Ulrich Kaufmann, and Gunther Palm 117
24 Development of Physical Agents forRobot Swarms J.M.Fernandez, B.P.Amavasai, W.F.W.Othman, S.P.McKibbin, F.Caparrelli and A.Goude 123
25 Neural Object Classification and Tracking Gerd Mayer, Jonas Melchert, Hans Utz, Gerhard Kraetzschmar, and Gunther Palm 129
29 The research about a Chinese personalization education resources search engine Ruifang He and Shaochun Zhong and Xiaochun Cheng . 147
32 Linear Predicted Two-Pass Hexagonal Search Algorithm for Motion Estimation Yunsong Wu, Graham Megson 165
Session A3: Chair - Xiaochun Cheng, University of Reading
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13 3D Object Reconstruction From Multiple Views in Approximate Circular Motion Dongjoe Shin and Tardi Tjahjadi 70
15 Building Superquadric Men from 3D Whole-Body Scan Data Yijun Xiao and J. Paul Siebert 82
16 Verifying Cardholder Registration Phase in SET Protocol Xiaoqi Ma, Xiaochun Cheng and Rachel McCrindle 88
17 A Mobile Agent Model for Agent Based Intrusion Detection System Xin He and Xiaochun Cheng 94
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