AC2005 Papers Day 2
City University 4th Chapter Conference on
Applied Cybernetics 2005
September 7-8, 2005
Birley Lecture Theatre
City University
London, United Kingdom
Session B1: Chair - Bala Amavasai, Sheffield Hallam University
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12 Adaptive Behaviour of Fixed-Weight Neural Networks PJ Gormley and NH Siddique 64
22 Swarm Intelligence and Genetic Algorithm Based Approaches to Optimize Learning of N-tuple Networks M.A. Hannan Bin Azhar and K.R. Dimond 111
30 NeuroCoSA: A Software Framework for Autonomous Survivors Stuart Meikle and Balasundram Amavasai 153
36 Integration Problem in Advanced Manufacturing: Systems and Control Issues N. Karcanias and K. Karaoulis 182
Session B2: Keynote Speech : Chair Prof Ali Hessami, Atkins
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38 Iterative B-spline Neural Networks for Stochastic Distribution Control and Its Application in Industrial Process Prof. H. Wang 194
Session B3: Chair - NH Siddique, University of Ulster
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2 Why Humanoids? Brian R. Duffy and Gina Joue . 9
7 Semantic Category Theory: Implications for Machine Intelligence John St.Quinton 34
9 Manageable Machine-Mediated Therapy Systems for Quantitative and Repeatable Neuro-Rehabilitation Rui C.V. Loureiro, Kiyoshi Nagai, Francisco M. Campos and William S. Harwin 46
34 Modelling of an Information and Cybernetic Referendum Framework Marumo Rapselang 170
Session B4: Chair - Richard Mitchell, University of Reading
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8 Fuzzy Control of the Depth of Anaesthesia J Brennan and NH Siddique 40
11 Measuring a hormonally controlled architecture against traditional controller architectures Miguel Mendao 58
28 On Maximum Available Feedback and PID Control R.J.Mitchell 141
31 On the Relation between Neuro-Fuzzy and CMAC Controller NH Siddique and RJ Mitchell 159
Session B5: Chair - Richard Mitchell, University of Reading
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35 Inspection and Maintenance Planning for Complex Multi-Component Systems Colin T. Baker, and Martin J. Newby 176
10 Implementation of an Artificial Neural Network and training on Hardware M McBride and NH Siddique 52
39 Holistic Safety Performance Testing for Train Detection System I.Lucic 195
Session P2 : Chair - Richard Mitchell, University of Reading
Panel Discussion, Cybernetics Today
Ali Hessami, John Baruch, John St Quinton
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