AICS2006 Papers On Day 2
Sheffield Hallam 5th Chapter Conference on
Advances in Cybernetic Systems 2006
September 7-8, 2006
City Campus
Sheffield Hallam University
Sheffield, United Kingdom
9:30-10:30 Session B1 - Machine Vision 1
Session Chair: R.J. Mitchell (University of Reading, UK)
Paper Title Authors Page No
10 Fast Pose Estimation For Microscope Images Using Stencils M. Boissenin, J. Wedekind, B.P. Amavasai, J.R. Travis and F. Caparrelli 49
11 Markerless Feature Extraction for Gait Analysis I. Bouchrika and M.S. Nixon . 55
12 Partially Occluded Object Recognition Through Details Detection Using Zernike Moments F. Branchitta, A. Masini, G. Corsini and M. Diani 61
37 On Recognizing Occluded Shapes S. Ozen, A. Bouganis and M. Shanahan 205
11:00-12:00 Session B2 Machine vision 2 Parallel track
Session Chair S.Meikle (Nokia, UK)
Paper Title Authors Page No
9 Real-Time Object Classification On FPGA Using Moment Invariants And Kohonen Neural Networks D. Bhowmik, B.P. Amavasai and T.J. Mulroy . 43
14 Recognizing Facial Expressions in Sign Language N.T. Dat, K.S. Wong, S. Ranganath, Y.V. Venkatesh 73
18 A New Method of Bridge Target Detection on ASAR Imagery H. He, X. Yu , X. Cheng, D. Lin and W. Zhou . 97
44 Salient Image Regions as a Guide for Useful Visual Features H. Saal, N. Nortmann, N. Kroger and P. Konig 247
11:00-12:00 Session B3 Miscellaneous 1 Parallel track
Session Chair R. Saatchi (Sheffield Hallam University)
Paper Title Authors Page No
19 A Mobile Agent Transfer Method for Integrity Protection X. He, X. Cheng, Y. Zheng, and X. Yu . 102
48 An Analysis of Feature Selection in TCPdump Data J. Sheppard, J. Carthy and J. Dunnion 270
49 Data Mining A Reduced Feature TCPdump Dataset J. Sheppard, J. Carthy and J. Dunnion . 276
23 Particle Swarm Optimization of Spring Brake Orthosis M.S. Huq, M.S. Alam and M.O. Tokhi . 125
12:00-13:00 Session B4 Control systems
Session Chair H. Han (Prefectural University of Hiroshima, Japan)
Paper Title Authors Page No
17 Discrete-time Adaptive Control System with Experts’ Fuzzy Rules H. Han and A. Ikuta 91
41 Application of Adaptive Neural-Network Control to a Scale 6DoF Helicopter C. Raimondez, J. L. Camaro and M. Bojar . 229
28 Intelligent Approach for Interception of a Manoeuvring Target A.A.M. Madkour, M.A. Hossain, and K.P. Dahal . 154
32 Two Point Flat Phase PID Controller R.J. Mitchell 176
14:00-15:00 Session B5 Miscellaneous 2 Parallel track
Session Chair M. Oussalah (University of Birmingham, UK)
Paper Title Authors Page No
52 Systematics: A Formal Description F. Stubbs, K. Grindley, J. St.Quinton 294
50 Towards an Automated Diagnosis System for the Treatment of Colon Cancer: Position and Progress J. Siddiqi, B. Akhgar, A. Ihnatowicz, M. Gulisano, Y. Goletsis, D.I. Fotiadis and C. Papaloukas . 282
59 An Intelligent Classification Based Approach For Music Genre Identification J. Zheng and M. Oussalah 335
60 On the Use of WordNet and Clustering in Information Retrieval System Y. Wenxiao, S. Khan and M. Oussalah 341
14:00-15:00 Session B6 Machine vision 3 Parallel track
Session Chair F. Caparrelli (Sheffield Hallam University, UK)
Paper Title Authors Page No
34 Mobile Stereo Vision for the Mapping of Defective Road Studs C. Mulvihill, C. Deegan, C. Fitzgerald, C. Markham and S. McLoughlin . 187
35 Weighted Moments of SIFT-Features For Decoupled Visual Servoing in 6DOF T. Nierobisch, J. Krettek, U. Khan and F. Hoffmann 193
39 Rigid Body Motion in an Early Cognitive Vision Framework N. Pugeault, F. Worgotter and N. Kroger . 217
51 Automatic Selection of Best Frontal Facial View from Multi-Camera Images C-H. Sim, S. Ranganath and Y.V.Venkatesh . 288
15:00-16:00 Session B7 Sensors and perception
Session Chair J. Penders (Sheffield Hallam University, UK)
Paper Title Authors Page No
4 Incorporating Emotion in Human Machine Interaction A.A. Razak, M.I.I.Z. Abidin and R. Komiya 14
5 Sensor Data Fusion A. Chavez and P. tĕpon 20
7 Feature Based Mapping in a Dynamic Indoor Environment for a Multi Sensor Platform N. Bahari, B. Moshiri and H. Firouzi 32
55 Perception-based Modelling of System Behaviour J. Wall and N. Siddique . 312
16:00-16:45 Session B8 Discussion Session
Discussion Session Chair J. St.Quinton (Zetetic Systems)
Topic: Cybernetic Intelligence Which bits are still missing?
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