Chairman's Welcome

Welcome to IEEE Systems Man and Cybernetics United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland Section
The IEEE Man, Systems, and Cybernetics Society covers a diverse range of areas of interest comprising Large Scale Systems, Theory and Applications; Optimisation, Decision Analysis, Problem Definition, Modelling, Simulation, Test, Evaluation, Foundations of Cybernetics, Pattern Recognition, Adaptive and Learning Systems, Biocybernetics and Man-machine Systems.

Representative application of these diverse disciplines include Complex Hardware, Behavioral, Biological, Ecological, Educational, Environmental, Health care, Management, Socioeconomic, Transportation and Urban Systems.

The first UK&RI SMC Chapter met on 25 July at City University, London. All present assumed various roles within the Chapter. Following the first workshop on Nov 26th, two new roles were also allocated. The roles are currently as follows;

Prof Richard Mitchell Chairman gro.eeei|llehctimjdrahcir#gro.eeei|llehctimjdrahcir
Prof Ali Hessami Executive Secretary gro.eeei|imasseH.G.A#gro.eeei|imasseH.G.A
Dr Bala Amavasai Professional Activities||iasavama.p.b
Dr Mourad Oussalah Educational Activities||halassuO.M
Dr NH Siddique Treasurer||euqiddiS.HN
Dr. Michael O'Grady Ireland Coordinator ei.dcu|ydargo.j.leahcim#ei.dcu|ydargo.j.leahcim

The executive intend to make the UK&RI's SMC Chapter a dynamic and active forum, a place to disseminate and further the art and science of SMC and look forward to participation and involvement of the Society members in the Chapter's activities.

We are also looking for new members to join the committee - if you are interested please email me.

Prof Richard Mitchell
Chairman, SMC

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