CICA2003 at Reading
University of Reading 2nd Chapter Conference on
Cybernetic Intelligence, Challenges & Advances 2003
September 17, 2003
Department of Cybernetics
University of Reading
Reading, United Kingdom
Aims and objectives
The early cyberneticists were some of the pioneers of artificial intelligence, and intelligence has been a key part of cybernetics ever since, though Cybernetic Intelligence itself is relatively new. Therefore, the IEEE Systems, Man & Cybernetics Chapter in the UK and Republic of Ireland organised their second annual event aimed at moving towards conceptual unification of the areas within the discipline of cybernetic intelligence. This workshop provided an interdisciplinary forum for the experimental, theoretical and application-oriented aspects of all aspects of the subject. The event took place on 17 September 2003 at the University of Reading, UK.

Theme and scope
The theme of the workshop was Cybernetics Intelligence (CI). The program committee will solicit high quality papers containing original contributions in all areas of experimental, theoretical and application-oriented aspects of cybernetics, especially cybernetic intelligence including, but not limited to CI and its Paradigms,
Biological vs CI, Soft Computing in Cybernetics, Self-organising Systems, Adaptive Systems, Learning Mechanisms in Control Systems, Intelligent Decision Making Systems, Mathematical Approaches to Cybernetics, Second-order Cybernetics, Hybrid Intelligent Systems, Applications of CI, Current Challenges and Future Paradigms.

Papers and Posters
List of papers
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