CICA2003 Papers
University of Reading 2nd Chapter Conference on
Cybernetic Intelligence, Challenges & Advances 2003
September 17, 2003
Department of Cybernetics
University of Reading
Reading, United Kingdom
9:30 Welcome note and introduction to IEEE SMC UK&RI
A.G. Hessami (IEEE SMC UK&RI Chairperson, Atkins Global, UK)
Prof Paul Sharkey (Head of Cybernetics, University of Reading, UK)
Time Title Authors
09:40 Second Order Cybernetics and Enactive Perception Mark Bishop & Slawomir Nasuto — The University of Reading, UK
10:00 Understanding Language: an Analytical Method for Man & Machine John St.Quinton — Zetetic Systems, UK
10 20 Optlmisation Enhancement using SeIf-Organising Fuzzy Control Ann Tigho Finlay Smith & Gerard Lyons — National University of Ireland Galway, Ireland
11:00 Behavioural Capacity of Recurrent Neural Networks M.N.H. Siddique, L.P. Maguire and T. M. McGinnity - University of Ulster, UK
11 20 A Method ftr Supervised Training of Spiking Neural Networks Ammar Belatreche, L.P Maguire, T.M. McGinnity and Q. Xiang Wu - University of Ulster UK
11:40 Adaptive Reasoning for Genetic Algorithms: A New Strategy Fiachra Mac Giolaa Bhride, T.M.McGinnity and L.J.McDaid — University of Ulster, UK
12:00 Bipolar LogIc for Analysis of Human-Machine Interactions Mourad Qussalah - Birmingham University, UK
12:20 An Orthogonal Forward Regression Algorithm Combined with Basis Pursuit and D-optimallty Xia Hong M Brown S Chen C J Harris — The University of Reading UK
13:40 Hierarchical Learning, Prediction & Translation of Sign Language Message Structures. Anthony McCluskey, M.T. Mc Ginnity and L.P. Maguiro — University of Ulster, UK
14:00 Agent Chameleons: Moving Minds Brian Duffy— Media Lab Europe, Ireland; Gregory M.P. O’Hare, Alan N. Martin, John F. Bradley, Bianca Schoen — Univ College Dublin, IreLand
14:20 Intelligent Agents & Distributed Models for Cooperative Task Support Rakesh Patel, Richard J. Mitchell & Kevin Warwick — The University of Reading, UK
14:40 Control of a Cluster of Miniature Robots using Cybernetic Vision Bala P.Amavasai, Pablo Caparrelli, Arul Selvan, Stuart Meikle and Jon R.Travis — Sheffield Hallam University, UK
15:30 Supporting Cooperation Through Clans Nathan Griffiths — University of Warwick, UK
15:50 Emotion Machines: A Study of Anthropomorphism in Robotics John Scurke, Brian Duffy— Media Labs Europe, Ireland
16:10 SimplifyIng Structures of Bayesian Networks X. Dong -Jilin University, China, D. Ouyang - National Lab, of Symbolic Computation and Knowledge Eng. China, X. Cheng - University of Reading, UK
Ident Poster Title Authors
a Tracking Translucent Objects in Cluttered Scenes A.N. Selvan, M. Boissenin, B.P. Amavasal, F. Caparrolli and JR. Travis - Sheffield Hallam University UK
b Mineral Resource Appraisal Based on Information Synthesis X. Cheng - University of Reading: UK; X. Yu - Being Normal University, China; M. Cheng - Stanford University. USA, D. Ouyang, S. Zhong, X Guo, K. Yang and S. Wang - National Laboratory of Symbolic Computation and Knowledge Engineering, China
c A Design Flow for the Hardware Implementation of Spiking Neural Networks onto FPGAs S. Johnston, G. Prasad, L. Maguire, T.M. McGinnity and Q. Wu - University of Ulster, UK
d Constructing Consciousness P. Andrews — Break Step Productions Ltd. UK
e Agent-Oriented Software Engineering to Develop Hybrid Intelligent Systems X Cheng - University of Reading, UK; C. Li - University of Technology Sydney, Australia; D. Ouyang, S. Zhong, and K. Yang - National Laboratory & Symbolic Computalion and Kncwledgo Engineering, China; M Chong Stanford University USA, X. Yu - Beijing Normal University China
f LEG-Based Communication: A Time Series Prediction Approach D. Coyle, G. Prasad and M. Mecinnity - University of Ulster, UK
g Modelling of a 3D Crane System Using Parallel Dynamic Neural Networks J. Deng and V.M. Becerra - University of Reading, UK
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