CIS2008 Papers Day1
Middlesex University, London IEEE SMC UK&RI 6th Conference on
Cybernetic Systems 2008
September 9-10, 2008
Middlesex University, London, UK
Welcome note and introduction to IEEE SMC UK&RI
Ali Hessami (Chair SMC UK&RI, UK)
Richard Comley (Middlesex University, UK)
Session 1A – Evolutionary Methods
Session Chair – Bala Amavasai (Procter & Gamble, UK)
51 João Guilherme Sauer and Leandro dos Santos Coelho Discrete Differential Evolution with Local Search to Solve the Traveling Salesman Problem: Fundamentals and Case Studies 299
39 M.S. Mohammadi and Caro Lucas Cooperative Coevolution for School Timetabling Problem 227
16 Farshid Hajati and Soheila Gheisari A Co-evolutionary Approach toward Face Localization in Color Images 96
29 Jia Liping, Zou Guocheng and Zou Jin An novel evolutionary algorithm for bi-objective Symmetric travelling salesman problem 176
Session 1B – Hybrid techniques
Session Chair – Xiaochun Cheng (Middlesex University, UK)
15 Jose George and K. Rajeev Hybrid Wavelet Support Vector Regression 90
11 Asem Eltaher, Thomas Form, Mohamed Ayeb and Markus Maurer A Generic Architecture for Hybrid Intelligent Test Systems 66
7 Ian Bradford, Carl Evans and Robin Winter A Hybrid Case-based Rule-based System used in a Content-based Image Retrieval System 43
22 Jisha John and M. Wilscy Enhancement Of Weather Degraded Video Sequences Using Wavelet Fusion 133
Session 2A – Neural Networks
Session Chair – Tony White (Middlesex University, UK)
67 S. F. Toha and M. O. Tokhi MLP and Elman Recurrent Neural Network Modelling for the TRMS 391
19 Christian Huyck CABot1 : a Videogame Agent Implemented in fLIF Neurons 115
12 Yulei Fan and Christian Huyck Implementation of Finite State Automata Using fLIF Neurons 74
43 P.J. Passmore and Christian Huyck Models of cell assembly decay 251
Session 2B – Semantic Systems
Session Chair – M Oussalah (University of Birmingham, UK)
17 A. Harris and M. Oussalah Automatic Document Summarizer 103
65 Li Tan, Yuanda Cao, Minghua Yang and Qiaoyan He Using Segmentation and Visual Attention for Semantic Object Model 379
56 Adeel Shajjar, Hafiz Farooq Ahmad, Arshad Ali and Hiroki Suguri An approach to bring Semantic Web Services to Nomadic Users using Mutli Agent Systems 329
62 John G. St.Quinton Semantic Category Analysis 361
Poster Session 1
8 Zheng Chen, Lili Su, Yushun Li, Ronghuai Huang and Xiaochun Cheng Design of a Teaching Assistant Resources Sharing Mechanism Based on Web Service 49
42 T. Orton, G. Cao and M. Oussalah Personalized Content based Image Retrieval 245
52 Vidit Saxena, Sarthak Grover and Sachin Joshi A Real Time Face Tracking System using RankDeficient Face Detection and Motion Estimation 305
53 Farid Seifi, Hamed Ahmadi, Mohammad Reza Kangavari, Ehsan Lotfi, Sanaz Imaniyan and Somayeh Lagzian Optimizing Twins Decision Tree Classification,Using Genetic Algorithms 311
64 Lili Su, Jiangjian Ma, Yushun Li, Xiaochun Cheng and Ronghuai Huang Semantic-Oriented Ubiquitous Learning Object Model 373
Invited Keynote Lecture 1
Session Chair: Ali Hessami (Chair SMC, IEEE UK&RI)

Introducing the Triple-triplet Conceptual Framework - An Integrated Risk Management Process for System Safety
Feng Hsu (NASA, USA)

Session 3A – Cybernetic Systems
Session Chair – Bala Amavasai (Procter & Gamble, UK)
2 Ali Hessami Cybernetic Safety & Security, A New Paradigm 10
1 Feng Hsu The Space Shuttle Probabilistic Risk Assessment Framework 1
24 N.Khalifa, A.White and A. ElSayed Supply Chain Challenges in Developing Countries : Cross Industry Case Studies 145
50 Addisson Salazar, Arturo Serrano, Luis Vergara and Ramón Miralles Intelligent System for Material Quality Control using Impact-Echo Testing 293
23 Emmanouil Kaldis, Liping Zhao, and Robert Snowdon Strategic Knowledge Representation for the Modular Organization 139
32 Ehsan Lotfi, M. Yaghoobi and H.R. Pourreza Automatic Quality Control of Fried Potato using Machine Vision 189
Session 3B – Decision Support Systems
Session Chair – Michael O’Grady (University College Dublin, Ireland)
10 Yong Du Modelling and Reasoning Changes in Social-technical Systems with a Goal-oriented and Agent-oriented Approach 60
66 Kai Meng Tay, Chee Peng Lim and Chee Siong Teh Fuzzy Rule Base Assessment Models : Theoretical Analyses and Case Studies 385
35 Vlado Menkovski, Ioannis T. Christou, and Sofoklis Efremidis Oblique Decision Trees Using Embedded Support Vector Machines in Classifier Ensembles 204
47 Peter van der Putten, Linjung Meng and Joost N Kok Profiling Novel Classification Algorithms : Artificial Immune Systems 275
55 Kyarash Shahriari and Stanislaw Tarasiewicz Response Prediction of Complex Dynamic Systems Using Piecewise Parameters 323
36 Yuan Miao Goal Oriented Interest Based Negotiation 210
Session 4A – Image Processing and Pattern Recognition
Session Chair – Xiaohong Gao (Middlesex University, UK)
28 K. C. Lim, M. Boissenin, B.P. Amavasai and R. Saatchi Development of a Desktop Freehand 3-D Surface Reconstruction System 170
54 Muhammad Shafi and Paul W.H. Chung Eyes Extraction from Facial Images using Edge Density 317
26 Nikolaos Kyriakoulis, Antonios Gasteratos and Spyridon G. Mouroutsos Fuzzy Vergence Control for an Active Binocular Vision System 159
49 Hossein Sahoolizadeh, Youness Aliyari Ghassabeh Face Recognition using Eigen-faces, Fisher-faces and Neural Networks 287
5 Sergey Anishenko, Vladislav Osinov, Dmitry Shaposhnikov, Lubov Podladchikova, Richard Comley, Konstantin Sukholentsev, Xiaohong W. Gao A Motion Correction System for Brain Tomography Based on Biologically Motivated Models 32
3 Ayman AbuBaker, Rami Qahwaji and Stan Ipson Mass Lesion Detection using Statistical and Morphological Techniques 20
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