CIS2008 Papers Day2
Middlesex University, London IEEE SMC UK&RI 6th Conference on
Cybernetic Systems 2008
September 9-10, 2008
Middlesex University, London, UK
Session 5A – System Security
Session Chair – Orhan Geminkonakli (Middlesex University, UK)
25 Y. Kirsal and O. Gemikonakli Improving Kerberos Security through the Combined Use of the Timed Authentication Protocol and Frequent Key Renewal 153
30 Zhang Li-Ping, Cui Guo-Hua and Yu Zhi-Gang An Efficient Group Key Agreement Protocol for Ad Hoc Networks 180
31 Zhang Li-Ping, Cui Guo-Hua and Yu Zhi-Gang An ID-Based Key Predistribution Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks 185
13 V. Filippov, L. Mukhanov and B. Shchukin Credit Card Fraud Detection System 79
33 F. Majidi, H. Mirzaei, T. Iranpour, F. Foroughi A Diversity Creation Method for Ensemble based Classification : Application in Intrusion Detection 193
Session 5B – Computer Intelligence
Session Chair – Chris Huyck (Middlesex University, UK)
71 Chen-Hua Xu, Min Wu, Jin-Hua She, and Ryuichi Yokoyama Neural-network-based Integrated Method for Predicting Synthetic Permeability in Lead-zinc Sintering Process 413
34 Nina Taheri Makhsoos, Alireza Hajiany, Reza Ebrahimpour, Ghodrat Sepidnam A Modified Mixture of MLP Experts for face recognition 198
6 Roman V. Belavkin The Duality of Utility and Information in Optimally Learning Systems 37
45 Wieslaw Pietruszkiewicz Dynamical Systems and Nonlinear Kalman Filtering Applied in Classification 263
18 S. Hemani, M. Oussalah and P. Hall GSM Mobile Positioning Using Kalman Filter For Sector Antennas 109
37 Richard Mitchell On Simple Adaptive Momentum 215
Workshop 1 - Systems Safety, Security & Environmental Sustainability
Session Chairs – Ali Hessami (Chair SMC, IEEE UK&RI), Feng Hsu (NASA, USA)
Workshop 2 - Cognitive Science meets Computing Science
Session Chair – Ray Adams (Middlesex University, UK)
Tutorial 1 - Programming with Networks of Fatiguing Leaky Integrate and Fire Neurons
Session Chair - Christian Huyck (Middlesex University, UK)
Invited Keynote Lecture 2
Session Chair: Richard Mitchell (University of Reading, UK)

Challenges and Solutions in Design of Engineered Cybernetic Systems
Sergey Lyshevski, (Rochester Institute of Technology, USA)

Session 6A – Systems Modelling and Control
Session Chair – N Siddique (University of Ulster, UK)
40 Mirko Nentwig and Paolo Mercorelli Throttle Valve Control Using an Inverse Local Linear Model Tree based on a Fuzzy Neural Network 234
68 Chidentree Treesatayapun Adaptive Controller for Drug Delivery Systems with Fuzzy-Rule Emulated Networks and its Estimated Cost Function 397
48 Akbar Rahideh, M. Hasan Shaheed and Abdulrahman H. Bajodah Neural Network Based Adaptive Nonlinear Model Inversion Control of a Twin Rotor System in Real Time 281
59 Reinaldo Silva de Jesus, Sofiane Labidi, Milson Monteiro and Osevaldo S. Farias Developing of an Intelligent System for Fuels Quality Control and Monitoring 344
Session 6B – Fuzzy Decision Systems
Session Chair – Richard Mitchell (University of Reading, UK)
46 Lord Kenneth PinPin, Daniel Fernando, Tello Gamarra, Cecilia Laschi and Paolo Dario Topology Based Fuzzy Clustering for Robust ANFIS Creation 269
70 Zhong Wang, Yanling Hao, Zhilan Xiong and Feng Sun SNN Clustering Kernel Technique for Content-Based Scene Matching 407
14 Shilpi Garg and Shubham Agarwal WebBot : Desktop-based tool for thematically clustered internet search results 85
20 Akira Ikuta, and Hisako Masuike Adaptive Method for State Estimation of Sound Environment System with Fuzzy Observation 121
Poster Session 2
38 Hamid Mohamadi, Jafar Habibi, and Hamid Saadi Intrusion Detection in Computer Networks using Tabu Search based Fuzzy System 221
21 Md. Zahidul Islam, Chimin Oh, Jeong-Seok Yang and Chil-Woo Lee DT Template based Moving Object Tracking with Shape Information by Particle Filter 127
69 Duo Wang, Wen Hui Li, Rong Qing Yi and X. Cheng Organizational Evolutionary Applied on Geometric Constraints Solving 403
72 Rong Qing Yi, Wen Hui Li and Xioachun Cheng Selecting Solutions Problem in Geometric Constraint Solving 419
9 Sung-Wook Choi, Kang-Gu Lee, Lock-Jo Koo, Chang-Mok Park, Sang-Chul Park and Gi-Nam Wang Ladder Diagram generation using generic modelling of discrete event system 55
57 Yunqiang Shi, Xianchuan Yu, Xiaochun Cheng and Di Peng A New BSS Algorithm Based on the Data Fusion and ICA 335
Session 7A – Data Fusion and Intelligent Estimation
Session Chair - Roman Belavkin (Middlesex University, UK)
60 K. S. Sim, Y. Y. Kho, and C. P. Tso Application of Contrast Enhancement Bilateral Closing Tophat Otsu Thresholding (CEBICTOT) Technique on Crack Images 350
61 Sadegh Soleimanpour, Saeed Shiry Ghidary, Kourosh Meshgi Sensor Fusion in Robot Localization using DS-Evidence Theory with Conflict Detection using Mahalanobis Distance 355
4 M. Javad Akhlaghinia, Ahmad Lotfi, Caroline Langensiepen, and Nasser Sherkat Occupancy Simulator for a Single-Occupant Ambient Intelligent Environment 26
44 Pavla Pecherkova, Miroslav Flıdr and Jindrich Dunık Application of Estimation Techniques on Queue Lengths Estimation in Traffic Network 257
Session 7B – Intelligent Algorithms
Session Chair – Sergey Lyshevski, (Rochester Institute of Technology)
63 Frances Stubbs, John St.Quinton and Kit Grindley A Systematics Generator 367
58 M.Hassan Shirali-Shahreza and Mohammad Shirali-Shahreza Advanced Nastaliq CAPTCHA 341
41 H. Omranpour, M. Ebadzadeh, S. Barzegar, and M. Shojafar Distributed Coloring Of The Graph Edges 240
27 Hemin Omer Latif, Nasser Sherkat and Ahmad Lotfi TeleGaze : Teleoperation Through Eye Gaze 164
Open Discussion Session
Session Chair – John St Quinton (Zetetic Systems, UK)

Topic: Does the complexity of human information processing, hide from us that we are only information processing systems - or is there more?

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