CIS2009 Papers Day1
University of Birmingham IEEE SMC UK&RI 8th Conference on
Cybernetic Systems 2009
September 9-10, 2009
University of Birmingham, UK
Welcome note and introduction to IEEE SMC UK&RI
Ali Hessami (Chair SMC UK&RI, UK)
Dr. Theo Arvanitis (University of Birmingham EECE)
Prof. Madjid Fathi Knowledge Management Trends to Enable Advanced Industrial Technology Viii, 1
Session A1 – Evolutionary Computation and Applications 1
Session Chair – A Belatreche, University of Ulster
S Julai and O Tokhi Genetic Algorithm based Modeling and Control of a Two Wheeled Vehicle with an Extended Rod, Lagrangian based Dynamic Approach 68
S Julai and M. Osman Tokhi, M. Mohamad, I. Abd. Latiff. Active Vibration Control of a Flexible Plate Structure using Particle Swarm Optimization 62
J Wang, A Belatreche, L Maguire and M McGinnity Online versus Offline Learning for Spiking Neural Networks: A review and new strategies 141
Martin Holena and David Linke Evolutionary Computation System for Problem-Tailored Genetic Optimization of Catalytic Materials 92
Sabariah Julai and M. Osman Tokhi SISO and SIMO Active Vibration Control of a Flexible Plate Structure using Real-coded Genetic Algorithm 86
Session B1 - Semantic analysis
Session Chair – R Mitchell, University of Reading
P Roberts, R Mitchell and V Ruiz Using Triangulation to Identify Word Senses 111
A Bawakid and M Oussalah A Semantic-Based Text Classification System 135
Hasan Jamil and Shazzad Hosain Algebraic Operator Support for Semantic Data Fusion in Extended SQL 220
John G. St.Quinton The Science of Philosophy An application of Semantic Category Analysis 195
Zhaoyang Qu and Yanguang Wang The Design of the Substation Simulation Model of Distributed Virtual Environment 159
Session A2 - Control and optimization
Session Chair – W Pietruszkiewicz, SDART Ltd
Wieslaw Pietruszkiewicz A Comparison of Nonlinear Kalman Filtering Applied to Feed-forward Neural Networks as Learning Algorithms 41
Messaoudi Z, Oussalah M and Ouldali A Comparison of Interactive Multiple Model Particle Filter and Interactive Multiple Model Unscented Particle Filter for tracking multiple manoeuvring targets in sensors array 117
Rosidah Sam Nefti Samia A new design approach of robotic gripper for reducing operating cost for handling food product 238
Richard Mitchell More Nested Velocity Feedback Control 79
Huma N, A Masood and M Hussain A Two-Stage Dynamic Decision Support based Optimal Threat Evaluation and Defensive Resource Scheduling Algorithm for Multi Air-borne threats 104
T. J. Leow and K. S. Sim Teleoperated Mobile Manipulator Robot 243
Session B2 - Evolutionary Computation and Applications 2
Session Chair - A Belatreche, University of Ulster
Siti Fauziah Toha and M. Osman Tokhi Particle Swarm Optimization and RLS for tuning a neuro-fuzzy inference system modeling 226
Maziah mohamad, Osman Tokhi and Idris Abd Latif Particle Swarm Optimisation with Dynamic Spread Factor with Application to Modelling of a Flexible Beam Structure 255
T Belkacem, M. Bensetti, M. Laour, A. Boutar, M. Djennah, D. Moussaoui and B. Mazari The Analytical, Numerical and Neural Network Evaluation Versus Experimental of Electromagnetic Shielding Effectiveness of a Rectangular Enclosure 189
Mohammadreza Nazarahari and H Sajedi Representation of Adaptive Tinnitus Suppression Mechanism in an Adaptive Cochlear Model 47
Salihatun Md Salleh and Osman Tokhi Tuning of RLS-Active Vibration Controller 153
Salihatun Md Salleh and Osman Tokhi Self-Tuning AIS-Based Active Vibration Control of a Thin Plate 129
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