CIS2009 Papers Day 2
University of Birmingham IEEE SMC UK&RI 8th Conference on
Cybernetic Systems 2009
September 9-10, 2009
University of Birmingham, UK
Session A3 - Special Session Total Variational Approach in Image Processing
Session Chair - Khalifa Djemel, University of Evry, France
R. R. Brouzet and Gerard Michaille Analysis of the jump and approximate gradient for solutions of Mumford-Shah type energy functional 183
M Kharbat and Nabil Aouf. Variational model for robust computation of optical 176
M Oussalah and I Alam Total Variational Image Denoising. Influence of Noise Distribution: Comparison 169
Session A4 - Image processing
Session Chair - M. Oussalah, University of Birmingham
T Warsop and Sameer Singh Distance-Invariant Sign Detection in High-Definition Video 8
T Warsop and Sameer Singh, A Survey of Object Recognition Methods for Automatic Asset Detection in High-Definition Video 20
Mohammadreza Nazarahari and Vahid Ezzati Chahar Ghaleh An Adaptive Approach to the Character Size For Text Detection in Images 26
Vahid Ezzati Chahar Ghaleh and A Behrad Lip contour extraction using RGB color space and fuzzy C-means clustering 31
J Li and M Oussalah Automatic Face Emotion Recognition System 163
Session B3 - Simultaneous Localization and Mapping
Session Chair - J. St Quinton, Zetetic Systems Ltd
Oscar Chang Evolving Cooperative Neural Agents for Controlling a Vision Guided Mobile Robot 214
M A Shah and Nabil Aouf 3D Cooperative Pythagorean Hodograph Path Planning and Obstacle Avoidance for Multiple UAVs 249
A. Nemra and N. Aouf Robust Cooperative UAV Visual SLAM 201
Ping-Min Hsu and CL Lin Planner for Lawn Mowers 207
S. Hamani and M. Oussalah SLAM Based approach for mobile positioning 262
Session B4 - Image Processing and Control
Session Chair - T Arvanitis, University of Birmingham
A Namane, M Maamoun, E Soubari and P Meyrueis CSM-based Feature Extraction For Degraded Machine Printed Character Recognition 98
Rabia Malik and Asif Masood. Reconstruction of Fingerprint Images 123
S F Toha and M. O. Tokhi Inverse Model Based Control for a Twin Rotor System 57
Arash Moradkhani Roshandeh and Mahmood M Nesheli Analysis of Distance Headway and Density at a Variable Message Signs Network in Kuala Lumpur 53
Session A5 - Tutorial
Session Chair – Michael O’Grady, Dublin University.
W Pietruszkiewicz, Sdart Ltd. Embedding Artificial Intelligence and Soft Computing in general purpose programming languages.
Session A6 –
Session Chair - Michael O’Grady, Dublin University.
Thompson R. J. Laws A.G., Reilly D.J, Taleb-Bendiab A. and Llewellyn-Jones, D. A Cybernetic Case Study of Viable Computing Systems: A Framework for Requisite Variety via Algorithmic Hot-Swapping 14
Vahid Ezzati Chahar Ghaleh and Alireza Behrad Lip contour extraction using RGB color space and fuzzy C-means clustering 31
Wieslaw Pietruszkiewicz and Dorota Dzega Classification and Metaclassification in Large Scale Data Mining Application for Estimation of Software Projects 35
R Malik, S Nazir and J Khurshid Road Sign Detection System 147
E Abulgasem and S Neft A new deformable model for cataract eye surgery simulation 232
Khaled Goher and Osman Tokhi A Two-Wheeled Vehicle with and extended Rod, Mechanical, Design Clues and Dynamic Modelling 74
Session A7 - End-Conference Debate:
Session Chair - Dr. John St. Quinton
Most Promising Field of Research for Intelligent Systems
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