University of Reading IEEE SMC UK&RI 9th Conference on
Cybernetic Intelligent Systems 2010
September 1-2, 2010
University of Reading, UK
Session A1 - Welcome note and introduction to IEEE SMC UK&RI
Ali Hessami (Chair SMC UK&RI, UK)
Dr. Ben Cosh (University of Reading, Systems Engineering)
Dr. Richard Mitchell (University of Reading, Systems Engineering)
Session A2 - Machine Learning
Session Chair – Ali Hessami, Vega Systems
Author(s) Title Page
Mian Zhou and Hong Wei Multi-Class AdaBoost Learning of Facial Feature Selection through Grid Computing 130
Kazi Shah Nawaz Ripon, Kyrre Glette, Mats Høvin and Jim Tørresen Dynamic Facility Layout Problem with Hybrid Genetic Algorithm 32
Paul Roberts, John Howroyd, Richard Mitchell and Virginie Ruiz Identifying Problematic Classes in Text Classification 135
Vahid Abrishami, Ghamarnaz Tadayon Tabrizi, Hossein Deldari and Maryam Sabzevari A Fuzzy Based Hopfield Network for Partitional Clustering 153
Session A3 - Applications
Session Chair – V F Ruiz, University of Reading
Gonzalo Safont, Addisson Salazar, Jorge Gosalbez and Luis Vergara Intelligent System for Non-Destructive Evaluation of Historic Walls using Ground-Penetrating Radar 100
Dimitris Xydas, Matthew C. Spencer, Julia H. Downes, Mark W. Hammond, Victor M. Becerra, Kevin Warwick, Benjamin J. Whalley and Slawomir J. Nasuto Application of Poisson-based hidden Markov models to in vitro neuronal data 51
Guiovanni Jules, Mozafar Saadat and Owliya Mohammad A Holonic Systems Approach to the Formation of Manufacturing Networks 69
James Geddes and Kevin Warwick Cloud Based Global Positioning System As A Safety Monitor For Dementia Patients 63
Dr Alex Andrew A little-known origin of cybernetic thinking and some implications
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