University of Reading IEEE SMC UK&RI 9th Conference on
Cybernetic Intelligent Systems 2010
September 1-2, 2010
University of Reading, UK
Session B1 - Imaging
Session Chair – Bala Amavasai, Procter & Gamble
Author(s) Title Page
Mountassar Maamoun, Bradai, Meraghni, Beguenane Low Cost VLSI Discrete Wavelet Transform and FIR Filters Architectures for Very High-Speed Signal and Image Processing 82
Thomas Warsop Robust Three-Dimensional Scene Recovery from Monocular Image Pairs 112
Simant Prakoonwit Finding a Set of Optimal Viewing for 3D Surface Reconstruction from 2D X-ray Images using Genetic Algorithm 118
Session B2 - Audio and signal processing
Session Chair – Michael O’Grady, University College Dublin
Eduard Bakstein, Jonathan Burgess, Kevin Warwick, Øyvind Stavdahl and Tipu Aziz Features for detection of Parkinson's disease tremor from local field potentials of the Subthalamic Nucleus 38
Akira Ikuta and Hisako Orimoto Prediction of Output Response Probability for Sound Environment System by Introducing Stochastic Regression and Fuzzy Inference for Simplified Standard System Model 8
Matthew Spencer, Dimitris Xydas, Julia H. Downes, Mark Hammond, Victor Becerra, Kevin Warwick, Benjamin J. Whalley and Slawomir J. Nasuto Investigation of spatio-temporal dependencies in neuronal functional connectivity 57
Session B3 – Human-Machine Systems
Session Chair – John St Quinton, Zetetic Systems
German D. Valderrama-gonzalez, Gasson Mark N., Kevin Warwick and Ben Whalley Prosthesis grasp reflex via peripheral nerve control – an in vitro study 20
Livija Jakaite Bayesian Model Averaging over Decision Trees for Assessing Newborn Brain Maturity from Electroencephalogram 157
Jawish Hameed, Ian Harrison, Mark Gasson and Kevin Warwick A Novel Human-Machine Interface using Subdermal Magnetic Implants 106
Session B4 - Algorithms
Session Chair – Mourad Oussalah, University of Birmingham
Ruth Thompson, Andrew Laws, Denis Reilly, Azzelarabe Taleb-Bendiab and David Llewellyn-Jones An Open-Bounded Cybernetic Case Study of Viable Computing Systems: Applying Directive Correlation to an Algorithmic Hot-Swapping Scenario 88
Ivo Pereira and Ana Madureira Meta-heuristics Tunning using CBR for Dynamic Scheduling 45
John St Quinton Semantic Intertwine: The Anathema of Mathematics 142
Abdullah Bawakid and Mourad Oussalah Using Features Extracted from Wikipedia for the Task of Word Sense Disambiguation 147
Chris Bamford and Richard Mitchell Cavalcade Neural Network for Mobile Robot 76
Jonathan Eversham and Virginie Ruiz Parameter Analysis of Reynolds Flocking Model 14
Session B5 – Control Systems
Session Chair – Sillas Hadjiloucas, University of Reading
Mirsha Trujillo, Sillas Hadjiloucas and Victor Becerra Robust H∞ Optimal Controller Designs for Feedback Substitution Schemes using LSDP and MOGA 26
Michal Pluska and David Sinclair The design methodology for a verification of a hybrid system 94
Heru Supriyono, M. Osman Tokhi and Badrul Aisham Md Zain Adaptive Biologically-inspired Algorithm-based Controller Tuning for Input Tracking Control of Flexible Manipulators 3
End of Conference Debate
John St. Quinton “Why can’t computers think …yet?”
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