University of East London IEEE SMC UK&RI 10th Conference on
Cybernetic Intelligent Systems 2011
September 1-2, 2011
University of East London, UK
Session A1 - Welcome note and introduction to IEEE SMC UK&RI
Ali Hessami (Chair SMC UK&RI, UK)
Hamid Jahankhani, (Organising Chair and Dean (acting) School of Architecture, Computing
and Engineering, University of East London, UK)
Session A2 - Decision Making & Optimization
Session Chair – Richard Mitchell, University of Reading
Author(s) Title Page
Derrick Mirikitani, Lahcen Ouarbya, Lisa Tsui and Eamonn Martin Improving Forecasts of Geomagnetic Storms with Evolved Recurrent Neural Networks 44
Rahul Kala and Kevin Warwick Planning of Multiple Autonomous Vehicles using RRT 20
David Ong, Souheil Khaddaj and Rabih Bashroush Logical Reasoning and Decision Making 26
Session A3 - Decision Making & Optimization
Session Chair – John St Quinton, Zetetic Systems
Ana Madureira, Ivo Pereira and Nelson Sousa Self‐organization for Scheduling in Agile Manufacturing 38
R. J. Mitchell Increasing Completion of Neural Networks Coursework 32
Xue‐Feng Zhang Hybrid Particle Swarm Optimization with Parameter Selection Approaches to Solve Flow Shop Scheduling Problem 13
Philippe Gaussier, Cergy Pontoise University Imitation and social referencing as a way to teach and communicate with humanoid robots
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