University of East London IEEE SMC UK&RI 10th Conference on
Cybernetic Intelligent Systems 2011
September 1 and 2, 2011
System of Systems Engineering Centre, University of East London, UK
Session B1 - Semantic Analysis
Session Chair – Richard Mitchell, University of Reading
Author(s) Title Page
Abdullah Bawakid and Mourad Oussalah Sentences Simplification for Automatic Summarization 59
John St Quinton Semantic Category Analysis of Poetry and Prose 65
Session B2 - Systems and Software Design
Session Chair – Richard Mitchell, University of Reading
Ashley Jeffs and Kevin Warwick Methods of Sensory Augmentation through Electro‐Tactile Stimulation of the Tongue 118
Amin Hosseinian Far, Hamid Jahankhani and Elias Pimenidis Using Probabilistic Networks for the London Plan Knowledge Representation 123
Session B3 – Systems and Software Design
Session Chair – Rabih Bashroush, University of East London
F. Bhat, M. Oussalah, K. Challis and T. Schnier A Software System for Data Mining with Twitter 139
Session B4 - Communication Systems and Security
Session Chair – Ali Hessami, Vega Systems
Shareeful Islam, Paolo Falcarin Measuring Security Requirements for Software Security 70
Joshua Nehinbe and Funmi Adebayo Audit and Research Challenges in Digital Forensics 86
Paolo Falcarin, Antonio Vetrò, Jian Yu,Shareeful Islam A Recommender System for Telecom Users: Experimental Evaluation of Recommendation Algorithms 81
Hao Li and Mourad Oussalah Combination of Taylor and Chan method in Mobile Positioning 104
Joshua Nehinbe A critical evaluation of datasets for investigating IDSs and IPSs Researches 92
Session B5 – Communication Systems and Security
Session Chair – Mourad Oussalah, University of Birmingham
Moustafa Noureddine and Rabih Bashroush A Provisioning Model towards OAuth 2.0 Performance Optimization 76
Mahdi Pirmoradian and Christos Politis Intelligent Channel Access Technique in Cognitive Radio Networks 98
Joshua Nehinbe Time Series Analyses for forecasting Network Intrusions 111
End of Conference Debate
John St. Quinton “The first intelligent machines will be biological hybrids”
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