CS2007 Papers On Day 1
University College Dublin IEEE SMC UK&RI 6th Conference on
Cybernetic Systems 2007
September 6-7, 2007
University College Dublin
Republic of Ireland
Welcome note and introduction to IEEE SMC UK&RI
B P Amavasai (Sheffield Hallam University, UK)
M O’Grady (University College Dublin, Ireland)
Session 1 - Control and adaptive systems
Session Chair – N Siddique (University of Ulster, UK)
8 R. J. Mitchell Nested Velocity Feedback Control 17
29 K Poterlowicz, MA Hossain and MAA Majumder Optimal IMC System for Blood Pressure Control 113
43 Z Messouadi, M Oussalah and A Ouldali Data Association for Maneuvering Targets Using Controlled Based JPDAF Particle Filter 158
37 J Decraene, G Mitchell and B McMullin A Molecular Approach to Complex Adaptive Systems 140
Session 2 – Human machine systems
Session Chair – Michael O'Grady (University College Dublin, Ireland)
19 J. G. St.Quinton The Taxonomy of Thought 57
34 RJ Thompson, AG Laws, DJ Reilly, SJ Wade, D Llewellyn-Jones and A Taleb-Bandiab Variable Computer System - A Cybernetic Approach to Autonomic Computing 134
20 J. St.Quinton, F. Stubbs, & K Grindley Information - The Missing Link 63
23 A. S White Cybernetic Analysis of Software Projects 74
Session 3 – Imaging systems
Session Chair || C Huyck (Middlesex University, UK)
7 A Cheddad, J. Condell, K. Curran and P. McKevitt An Adaptive Approach to Steganography in Steganography 11
17 E.V. Razinkov & R.K. Latypov Image Steganography Technique Using Objects Outlines 46
18 D Huang, Y Wang, Y Wang & C Ju Visible and Near Infrared Images Fusion for Robust Face Recognition 51
33 TV Kokate, AN Selvan, BP Amavasai, KS Tan & R Saatchi 3-D Reconstruction and Visualization of Breast Phantom Internals using 2-D Ultrasound Image Planes 128
30 ASMZ Shah & S. Rahman Object Identification for Visually Impaired People using Circular Colour Coded Stickers 118
10 A. Borji, M. Hamidi & F. Mahmoudi Language Independent Handwritten Digit Recognition Motivated by Visual System 29
Session 4 Invited Keynote Lecture
Session Chair – GMP O'Hare (University College Dublin, Ireland
1 Didier Dubois Uncertainty Theories : A Unified View 4
Session 5 Neural and evolutionary systems
Session Chair – A. Hossain (University of Bradford, UK)
14 C. Huyck & Y Fan Parsing with fLIF Neurons 35
9 J. Harkin, P. Dempster, B. Cather & TM McGinnity Fault Detection Strategy for Self-Repairing Systems 23
40 SP McKibbin, BP Amavasai, F Caparreli, WFW Othman & JR Travis Using PSO to Exploit Movement as a Sensory Cue in Autonomous Mobile Robots 152
47 NH Siddique and BP Amavasai Bio-inspired Behaviour-based Control 182
48 T Rashid and T Kechadi Predictive Modelling Using Support Vector Machine 187
24 A. Gavrilov & S. Lee Unsupervised Hybrid Learning Model (UHLM) as Combination of Supervised and Unsupervised Models 80
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