CS2007 Papers On Day 2
University College Dublin IEEE SMC UK&RI 6th Conference on
Cybernetic Systems 2007
September 6-7, 2007
University College Dublin
Republic of Ireland
Session 6 - Data mining and security
Session Chair - M Oussalah (University of Birmingham, UK)
15 Y.-C. Song, H.-D Meng, MJ O’Grady & GMP O’Hare Applications of Attributes Weighting in Data Mining 41
39 AK Clear & S Dobson An Approach to Dealing with Uncertainty in Context-Aware Pervasive Systems 146
44 SH Amarasekara & M Oussalah Semantic Oriented Document Clustering - Comparison with Lucene Project 164
45 Thuvana & X Cheng Security Issues in E-learning Systems 170
46 A Psara & X Cheng Voice over Internet Security - Vulnerabilities and Countermeasures 176
Session 7 - Invited Keynote Lecture
Session Chair – J St. Quinton (Zetetic Systems, UK)
2 H Takagi Design and Optimisation with Interactive Evolutionary Computation 10
Session 8 – Robotic systems
Session Chair – R. Mitchell (University of Reading, UK)
25 L. Rolland, R. Lawton, D. Culloty, D. Ait-Boudaoud & L-K Shark Dead Reckoning with a Mobile Robotic Unit, a Simple Approach for Industrial Applications 86
26 L. Rolland, Y Zhang, R. Lawton, D. Culloty, D. Ait-Boudaoud & L-K Shark Registration of 3D Surface Models with Calibrated Photographs. Reverse Engineering for Automated Robot Programming 93
27 SH Salehi, M Mortaza, H Yavari & S Moghimi Implementing Control System for Intelligent Rotary Wing Micro Aerial Vehicle 100
28 L. Rolland Modelling and Solving Strategies for the Forward Kinematics Problem of the Translation Parallel Manipulators, Application to High Speed Manufacturing and High Accuracy 106
22 S. Kibria & T. Hellstrom Voice User Interface in Robotics - Common Issues and Problems 69
31 L Alboul, BP Amavasai, G. Chliveros & J. Penders Mobile Robots for Information Gathering in a Large-scale Fire Incident 122
Open discussion session
Discussion Session Chair – J. St.Quinton (Zetetic Systems, UK)
Topic : Machine Intelligence - can we really create it? Do we really want it?
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