ICS 2004
Ulster Magee Campus IEEE SMC UK-RI 3rd Chapter Conference on
Intelligent Cybernetic Systems (ICS'04)
7- 8 September 2004
School of Computing and Intelligent Systems
University of Ulster at Magee, Londonderry, UK
Many of the sub-areas of Cybernetics and the relationship between them are still under exploited. The aim of the conference will be to strive towards establishing conceptual relationship between those sub-fields of Cybernetics to provide an interdisciplinary forum for the experimental, theoretical and application-oriented aspects of cybernetic processes in systems and organisms including consciousness and cognitive process in human beings.

Theme and Scope
The theme of the conference was Cybernetics and Consciousness. The program committee solicited high quality papers containing original contributions in all areas of experimental, theoretical and application-oriented aspects of cybernetics, especially cybernetic intelligence including, but not limited to: Biological Cybernetics, Computational intelligence in Cybernetics, Self-organising Systems, Adaptive Systems, Learning in Control Systems, Mathematical Approaches to Cybernetics, Hybrid Intelligent Systems, Machine learning, Mind and consciousness, Cognitive science, Swarm intelligence, Evolutionary systems, Intelligent Control and Robotics, Intelligent Agents, Intelligent Instrumentation, Intelligent Interfaces.

ICS 2004 Presentations on Day 1
ICS 2004 Presentations on Day 2
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