ICS 2004 Papers and Posters On Day 1
Ulster Magee Campus IEEE SMC UK-RI 3rd Chapter Conference on
Intelligent Cybernetic Systems (ICS'04)
7- 8 September 2004
School of Computing and Intelligent Systems
University of Ulster at Magee, Londonderry, UK
Welcome by Prof. Tom Fraser, Provost, Magee campus
Prof. ND Black, Dean Faculty of Engineering, University of Ulster
Session A1: Chair – JF Baruch, University of Bradford, UK
Paper ID Authors Title of Paper Page
A1 FMG Bhride, TM McGinnity and LJ McDaid Fuzzy control mechanism for genetic algorithm optimisation of objective function with noise 2
A4 CP Glackin and NH Siddique Modelling and control of Greenhouse climate using variable structure neural networks 5
B1 Y. Li, X. Cheng, S Zhong, X Yu An analogy-based memory model 6
B4 M Omar-Khaidzir and MO Tokhi Intelligent non-destructive evaluation of material properties using sound transmissibility 9
Session A2: Chair – ND Black, University of Ulster, UK
Paper ID Authors Title of Paper Page
A2 BR Duffy and AM Guerri Vicarious adrenaline 3
B2 A Martin, BR Duffy, GMP O’Hare, B Schoen and JF Bradley Empowering agents within virtual environments 7
B3 MJ Callaghan, TM McGinnity and LP Maguire Component integration in a hybrid intelligent system for machine vision applications 8
B5 J Cunningham, and L Kamara Logical architecture of a self-aware software agent 10
Session A3: Keynote speech by Prof X. Yao: Chair – TM McGinnity, University of Ulster, UK
Paper ID Speaker Title of Speech Page
Keynote Prof. Xin Yao Nature Inspired Neural Network Ensemble Learning 38
Posters Session P1: Chair – A Ikuta, Hiroshima PW University, Japan
Paper ID Authors Title of Paper Page
A3 P Flynn and TF Lunney Resource allocation predictive algorithm for micro-mobility networks 4
D4 MC Fairhurst, MA Razian and S Hoque Intelligent assessment of drawing task execution for behaviour analysis in dyspraxia 14
E2 MA Hossain,AAM Madkour, KP Dahal and H. Yu Intelligent active vibration control for a flexible beam system 17
E4 J Kilbride and E Mangina Investigating user and task modelling in intelligent user interface 19
F2 AB Johnston, LP Maguire and TM McGinnity Using business improvements techniques to inform the optimisation cycle time: an industrial case study 20
G1 KM Ward, NH Siddique, TM McGinnity and LP Maguire Genetic programming control of articulated robot 22
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