ICS 2004 Papers and Posters on Day2
Ulster Magee Campus IEEE SMC UK-RI 3rd Chapter Conference on
Intelligent Cybernetic Systems (ICS'04)
7- 8 September 2004
School of Computing and Intelligent Systems
University of Ulster at Magee, Londonderry, UK
Session B1: Chair – M Oussalah, University of Birmingham, UK
Paper ID Authors Title of Paper Page
D1 X. Ma and X. Cheng Verifying cryptographic protocols 11
D2 K Grindley, J StQuinton, and F Stubbs A language for provably-complete system specification 12
D3 R Marumo and MO Tokhi Optimisation of the control parameters of an air motor speed using genetic algorithm 13
D5 MAH Azhar and KR Dimond Using particle swarms with self-organized criticality to optimise mapping in N-tuple networks 15
Session B2: Chair – BP Amavasai, Sheffield Hallam University, UK
Paper ID Authors Title of Paper Page
E1 BP Amavasai and PI Rockett Multilayered-perceptrons regularisation using a continuous degrees-of-freedom measure 16
E3 SP Johnston, G Prasad, LP Maguire, TM McGinnity, and A Belatreche Investigation into pragmatism of phenomenological spiking neurons for hardware implementation onto FPGAs 18
F4 MO Tokhi, NH Siddique and MS Alam Neuro-fuzzy control of flexible-link manipulator 21
H1 N Hayakawa and A Ikuta Psychological evaluation and prediction of probability distribution for sound environment based fuzzy theory 24
Session B3: Chair – NH Siddique, University of Ulster, UK
Paper ID Authors Title of Paper Page
H3 H Masuike and A Ikuta A digital filter based on the quantised observation and its application to psychological evaluation for sound environment system 26
I2 MO Tokhi , MZM Zain, and SZM Hashim Hybrid learning control with GA and Fuzzy logic 28
J1 SZM Hashim, MO Tokhi, and IZ Mat Darus Genetic adaptive vibration control of flexible structures 31
L2 MS Alam, FM Aldebrez, and MO Tokhi Adaptive command shaping using GA for vibration control 39
N2 AAM Modhukor, MA Hossain, KP Dahal and H. Yu Real-time system identification using intelligent algorithm 44
Poster Session P2: Chair – Brian Scotney, University of Ulster, UK
Paper ID Authors Title of Paper Page
G2 TF Lunney and MH Robinson High quality self-organised maps of web communication 23
H2 A Ikuta, H Masuike and N Hayakawa A state estimation method for human environment system based on a fuzzy digital filter 25
I3 SP McKibbin, WFW Othman, BP Amavassai, F Caparelli and JR Travis Designing microrobot swarms-issues and constraints 29
I4 JF Bradley, BR Duffy, GMP O’Hare, AN Martin and B Schoen Virtual personal assistants in a pervasive computing world 30
J3 M Oussalah Particle filter for Data tracking 33
M1 B Schoen, GMP O’Hare, BR Duffy, A Martin, and JF Bradley An agent-based approach to opportunistic navigation assistance within 3-dimensional worlds 41
M2 S. Coleman and B Scotney Intelligent processing of sparse image data 42
Session B4: Chair – LP Maguire, University of Ulster, UK
Paper ID Authors Title of Paper Page
I1 Y. Li, X. Cheng, S. Zhong and X. Yu Agent-based Grid Platform for Active E-Learning 27
J2 Y. Li and X. Cheng Formal analysis for dynamic planning of intelligent agents 32
J4 A. Tighe, FS Smith and G Lyons Intelligent bidding controller for combinatorial auction in a multi-agent transportation system 34
L3 J Plummer and NH Siddique Reconfigurable Neural networks on Hardware 40
Session B5: Chair – Brian Duffy, Media Lab Europe, Ireland
Paper ID Authors Title of Paper Page
K2 FS Smith and Ann Tighe Selecting components of a fuzzy logic controller 35
K3 P Herman, G Prasad, TM McGinnity Feature extraction from EEG for brain-computer interface using Genetic matching pursuit algorithm with gabor dictionary 36
K4 TJ Strain, LJ McDaid, LP Maguire, and TM McGinnity A novel mixed supervised unsupervised training approach for a spiking neural network classifier 37
N1 DH Coyle, G. Prasad, TM McGinnity Improving information transfer rates of a brain-computer interface by self-organising fuzzy neural network-based multi-step-ahead time series prediction 43
Panel Discussion: Saving Cybernetics
Chair – LP Maguire, University of Ulster
TM McGinnity, JF Baruch, J StQuinton, BP Amavasai
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