Sandbox for testing

The sandbox

This is the sandbox that you can use to test your Wiki. Just append stuff to the bottom

A horizontal line was added above. It consists of 6x '-'


Tables are easy to create:

Artist Title Price
Kate Rusby Awkward Annie 9.99
Johann Pachelbel Canon in D major (single) 0.99



For YouTube Videos, copy the code in the "embed" box on the right in the YouTube page and pages it between the embedvideo tags in this Wiki.


\begin{align} \rho _{\rm GJ} = -\sigma (r) \left[ (1 - \eta _{\ast }^2 {\kappa \over {\eta ^3}}) \cos \chi \right. + \left. {3\over 2} \theta (\eta) H(\eta) \xi \sin \chi \cos \phi \right] \end{align}
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