SMC2002 First Workshop
Royal Statistical Society Systems, Man and Cybernetics:
Principles and Applications Workshop
26th November 2002, Royal Statistical Society, London, UK
Aims and objectives
The IEEE Man, Systems, and Cybernetics Society is an organization within the framework of the IEEE, with professional interest in closely interrelated fields of man-machine systems, systems science, systems engineering, and cybernetics. Representative application of these diverse disciplines include complex hardware, behavioural, biological, ecological, educational, environmental, health care, management, socio-economic, transportation and urban systems.
To promote systems thinking and launch the Chapter in the UK & Republic of Ireland, the IEEE SMC Chapter organised a one day workshop at the Royal Statistical Society ( in London. This event was planned to give an extensive and up to date overview of the Systems & Cybernetics which will be of interest to the researchers, learners and practitioners.
Time Title and Authors
9:30 Welcome note and introduction to IEEE SMC UK&RI
A.G. Hessami (IEEE SMC UK&RI Chairperson, Atkins Global, UK)
09:40 Key Note Speech
Intelligence in Anaesthesia: Integrated Concepts for Patients,Clinicians and Machines
Prof. D Linkens, Sheffield University
10:00 An Overview of Cybernetics
Dr. R Mitchell, Department of Cybernetics, The University of Reading
10:30 Principles of Vision Systems
Dr. B Amavasai, School of Engineering, Sheffield Hallam University
11:30 Human System Dependability
Dr. M Oussalah, Centre for Software Reliability, City University
12:00 Principles of Systems Assurance
Dr. A Hessami, Atkins Global
13:30 Overview of Systems Theory & its Applications in Biomedicine
Prof. R Summer, Loughborough University
14:00 Robots, From Workhorses to Social Beings
Dr. B R Duffy, Media Lab Europe
15:00 Systematic Decision Support
Prof. B Lehany, Coventry University
15:30 Principles of Systems Reliability & Integrity
Prof. N Sinnadurai, Director of Reliability & Quality, Bookham Technology
16:00 Panel Discussion
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